A Tale of Two Chiefs

In April of 2014 in Latta, SC, a lesbian police chief was fired from her job. The reason was the new mayor wrote up seven reprimands in one day (she had never received one before in over 20 years of service) and would not sign them without her lawyer. The more likely reason was caught in a taped phone call in which the mayor stated he would not let a lesbian “have an influence on his child.” She was not fired just for being a lesbian, but for making it public. LGBT supporters were outraged. They called for her reinstatement. She has a right to live as an open lesbian. Her being a lesbian was not a detraction from her work. She was later reinstated by the town council.

In November of 2014 in Atlanta, GA, a Christian fire chief was suspended and later fired from his job. The reason the mayor gave was his judgment and ability to manage the department. But the mayor stated that the Atlanta Fire Department was top scoring nationally and the chief “defiantly added value.” The more likely reason is the chief published a book agreeing with the Bibles condemnation of homosexuality. So he was not fired for being a Bible-believing Christian, but for making it public. LGBT supporters were outraged. They called for his termination. He has no right to live as an open Bible-believing Christian. His being a Christian was not a detraction from his work. Many are calling for his reinstatement but don’t count on it.

Poetic hypocrisy.

Checkout Dr. Albert Mohler’s commentaries on this subject:

Andrew Walker’s article here






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