The Irony of Patricia Todd’s Anger Over Others Hypocrisy

Alabama’s only openly gay lawmaker is threatening to expose state politicians who have extramarital affairs but say gay marriage is immoral or bad for children.

State Rep. Patricia Todd, a Birmingham Democrat, says she was furious over some of the comments made by some colleagues after they learned gay couples might soon be able to get married in Alabama.

Todd says they’re being hypocrites. She says will “out” politicians who cheat on their spouses or have other ethical lapses, but cite family values to oppose gay marriage.[1]

Of course she is right to charge adulterers touting ‘family values’ as hypocrites, but if she’s so concerned about hypocrisy maybe she should start with her own:

  1. If someone was cheating on her, wouldn’t she want someone to tell her?
  2. If someone were to tell her, would she want it done publicly or privately?
  3. She’s been helping these people get by with adultery all along by staying silent.
  4. She’s somewhat responsible if people get HIV from these cheating spouses.  Adultery is a matter of live and death these days.
  5. She’s committing blackmail and she’s a lawmaker.
  6. Does she want her fellow representatives to be making political decisions out of revenge and anger towards her?
  7. Gays use of the term “marriage equality” is hypocritical. Gays are not the only people in AL who want legal marriage but don’t have it. What about the polygamous and even bi-sexuals who may want multiple spouses?


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