My mission is the Great Commission – to make disciples.

    1. To explain the Gospel in a way the that is simple, biblical, and effective using apologetics
    2. To engage in Training for Trainers
    3. To strengthen existing churches through teaching and training


After 7 years of evangelism training and leadership at my church, I was called by God to serve Him in missions and Christian ministry in 2002.  I enrolled in Southern Evangelical Seminary in 2003, a leading school for Christian apologetics. I then graduated from seminary in 2006 and started Simple Ministries in 2007.  I chose this name to focus on making evangelism and apologetics simple.

I am a SBC ordained pastor and a member of First Baptist Church Fort Mill, where I teach Bible study, apologetic classes, and serve in the children’s ministry.

To God be the glory,


Explaining Christianity with Simplicity