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Aren’t Christians and their views intolerant?

The common claim made today is that Christians are intolerant for not accepting other people’s views of salvation. The question for those making this claim is this:  “they are not accepting the Christian view and by their own view of tolerance, are being intolerant. The statement is self-refuting and hypocritical. 
Intolerance has been redefined to mean “not accepting other people’s views.  A traditional and non-refuting definition of tolerance is to put up with something that one disagrees with. If I accept it, I something means I have to put up with something I disagree with.   Do you accept the Christian view that Jesus is the only way to heaven?”  If not, Im no longer tolerating it, because to tolerate something means I have to put up with something I disagree with. 



That’s just your opinion/interpretation

You cannot absolutely prove your claims about Christianity.  Therefore, it’s all just your opinion/interpretation.
  1. Everything is an interpretation, including the view that “it’s just your interpretation.”
  2. No one as absolute proof about anything.  We do the best we can.  That’s life.
  3. Christians don’t claim absolute proof.  We claim trust rooted in evidence.
  4. It’s not just one persons interpretation but over one billion.  A billion people can be wrong but a careful thinker should  examine the claims before dismissing them.
  5. ‘Truth’ does not require ‘proof.’  For example, “I have a winning lottery ticket.”  Just because the person has no proof does not mean they do not have a winning ticket.
  6. Is all truth realative?  Are you absolutely sure?  If so, this would be an absolute truth and the statement is therefore false.
  7. People who say, “That’s just your opinion/interpretation” mean that their statement is true for everyone.  But if they were consistant they’d just have to say that it’s their opinion/interpretation and they could be wrong.
  8. If all claims are just an interpretation, there is no truth to search for, just opinions.
  9. Some consider absolute truth claims to be close-minded.  Therefore, these people are close-minded to the idea of finding truth: it’s contradictory.
  10. The claim that all truth is just opinion/interpretation is a truth claim and therefore contradictory and hypocritical.

Does God still love the people He sends to hell?

God does not send people to hell based on emotion but law.  Break the law and if it demands it, the judge has to punish the lawbreaker no matter how much he loves them.  God’s law is one with His nature and demands sin be punished.  That’s why Jesus was punished and died for sins on the cross – to fulfill God’s law so a pardon could be extended to those how would receive it.

This type of question often implies it is contradictory for a loving God to send people to hell.  It’s actually contradictory for a loving God to ignore His law and justice by automatically rewarding lawbreakers with heaven.