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Is it arrogant to say Jesus is the only way?

Is it arrogant to say that another person’s faith is wrong? If so, then it is arrogant to tell Christians they should not share their faith, for the Christian faith commands believers to do just that (The Great Commission, Matt. 28:19).  

Now Christians can be arrogant, not in stating the truth about salvation, but in their attitude in which they express it. Is it arrogant for Lance Armstrong to state he is the greatest cyclist in history? No, this is a factually accurate statement. But if he gloats about it, then his attitude, not his statement, would be arrogant. If claimed kindly, when Christians say that Jesus that is the only way to heaven, they simply making what they believe to be a factual statement. Either they are sadly wrong or indeed correct. If wrong, the appropriate response is not to get mad but help Christians see the truth. If right, why blame Christians for kindly and correctly stating the truth? The claim that Christians are arrogant for sharing their faith turns out to be selfrefuting, misguided, and hypocritical. 

Will a Christian please give some positive evidence for their not believing in gremlins?

This question sounds like it’s getting at a William Paley type of argument. Paley argued that if one found a watch on the ground, they would know it was made. Therefore, since nature is more complex than a watch, it must have a maker. But it is argued that this is a disanalogy because everyone knows watches are made but it’s not clear to everyone that nature was made. In a similar way, the implication that God and gremlins are fictions is a disanalogy. Everyone knows gremlins are fictional characters but it is not clear to everyone whether God is fictional. In fact, for most people in the world the opposite is true.