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Our English bible’s are mistranslated. Why trust them?

‘If one of the 10 Commandments is ‘Thou shalt not kill,’ then why are so many people killed in wars fought in the name of God?’ The most popular answer to Bearcat’s question is that this Commandment is really referring to ‘murder’, not to ‘kill.’ In other words, the Biblical Commandment ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ was not correctly translated.

If this is true (and it’s a Biggy) then were other passages from the Bible also translated incorrectly? And if that is the case, how can we trust anything we read in today’s modern English Bible? In fact, wouldn’t we be unwise to trust anything we read in a book that was incorrectly translated?


In fact, wouldn’t we be unwise to trust anything we read in a book that was incorrectly translated?
Are you going to disregard all books over any errors? If you find anything wrong in a science book, are you going to disregard all of it? If you find an error in the phone book, are you going to disregard all of it?

I’ll guess you are not a bible scholar and yet you were able to discover some mistranslations. And I’m sure this it was not too difficult since there are plenty of critics on the internet and academia picking the English versions apart looking for errors. So one reason the recent English translations (ESV, NASB) can be trusted is because they have corrected all meaningful mistranslations the bible scholars of the publishers as well as the critics have detected.

I’m unhappy and angry at God

I’m angry at God. I don’t understand how everyone in my life can find happiness… How the people that hurt me so much when I was younger can go on with their lives and be “blessed” and such while I hurt, yearn, and hunger for some kind of life other than this stale, depressing, hurtful one. I used to pray solidly for years… I followed as best as I could. I did everything and I believed. It’s truly as if God hates me. Or has forgotten me.
I need advice, because I’m pulling away from the only thing that ever gave me comfort; hope and trust in God. I mean, if He pulls away from me, why shouldn’t I from Him? I don’t want to do this… but I feel as if there’s no choice. Please… Help me.


You mention people who hurt you. Do you wish them to suffer? Could your distain for them be hindering your relationship with God?

God is loving and forgiving. He loves you and forgives you (if you have truly repented and put your trust in Christ). He wants you to be loving and forgiving too. This not only pleases God but is also in your best interest. Hate and unforgiveness hurts us and disrupts our relationship with God. Seek God’s love and power to forgive the people you may find unforgiveable.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Also, I don’t know how ‘happy’ Jesus was. He seemed to have other goals such as:

Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

It certainly helps to be happy in life and I hope you can find some with Jesus as opposed to apart from him.

Why does God not love me?

Why doesn’t God love me? Nobody shows love towards me except young children and students? Why?  I love others but I don’t get it back. Why? If I show kindness, I get harm in return. Why am I not receiving love?


According to what you wrote, children and students love you but adults to not. Why? I have no idea. Does lack of love from adults equal lack of love from God to you? I don’t understand how one follows from the other. God loves you know matter how much or little others respond to your love.