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So we’re saved by God…from God…?

Let me see if I have this one straight:

God created everything (heaven, hell, earth, humans…the whole lot).

The humans God created were, by his standard, not worthy of anything short of eternal torture in Hell (we’re all sinners, right?).

OK So God created a bunch of sinners. Then he convicted those sinners and sentenced them off to eternal death/hell…whatever you call it.

He then turned around to them and said “Here’s my boy, he’s gonna save you from the hell I’m going to send you off to for being a sub-par creation”

Believing in Jesus now saves you from the conviction of being a sinner, which was put upon us by God.

Since the whole “saved through Jesus” thing is God’s work, we’re saved by God….from God.

I’m sorry, if I’m missing something please, point it out…it just seems like this whole “salvation” thing doesn’t make a lot of sense.


OK So God created a bunch of sinners.

God created the first people perfect, without sin. He gave them free will which is better making them like robots. They chose to sin and when they reproduced, they created sinners, not God.

But some will say, “But God knew they’d sin. He’s still responsible!”

1. It was still their free choice.
2. The purpose of God in creating mankind was to create a people who have the ability to freely love him or reject him. To take away their ability to sin, God would have to take away their free will. Without free will, there is no love, for love is a choice. Without love, the primary reason for creating mankind is gone.
3. God took care of the sin problem for us. Just repent and trust in Jesus. It’s so simple, even a caveman can do it:)