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How Christians Helped Bring About Same-Sex Marriage

Jesus said when you judge another to help them, judge yourself first (Matthew 7:5). So how have Christians been a part in bringing about same-sex marriage? (My use of “we” means the majority of Christians).

  1. We Have Not Made Disciples – The Great Commission has become the Great Suggestion – and most Christians suggest someone else make disciples. The result? Even our own children are not adequately discipled and  are leaving the faith in droves. With fewer devout Christians in society, our light is dim compared to the secular/progressive spotlight.
  2. We Unsanctified Marriage – First, we have embraced no-fault divorce. Second, we have not held to a biblical sexuality (sex only within marriage). Marriage is no longer sacred and special to Christians as God intended. We’ve brought the institution down to the level for others to access it.
  3. We Are a Moral Mess – High porn use, per-marital sex, and divorce rates have left us impotent to uphold the sanctity of marriage. We don’t even believe in it.

How Can We Take the Log Out of Our Eye

  1. Make Disciples – As instructors learn more from teaching than their  students, making disciples helps grow our faith. It’s not just for someone else, although that should be enough, but for ourselves, exercising our faith which makes us stronger.
  2. Sanctify Marriage – Reserve sex for marriage, do not engage in a no-fault divorce when the going gets tough, and encourage others to do the same. One of the best testimonies for Christianity is strong, intact marriages.
  3. Sanctify Ourself – Live lives of sexual holiness so we are not prohibited by hypocrisy in upholding righteousness.

The speed and depth of the current moral revolution could not occur without Christians being complicit. God’s hand and hedge of protection is being lifted from our land. Are we going to keep breaking God commands and encourage others to do the same or love Jesus and obey His commandments (Mark 14:15)?


Why Jesus

Why Jesus helps to disciple Christians to understand, not only that the Bible says Jesus is necessary for salvation, but why Jesus is necessary and how to share Christ with others using apologetics.

Lesson 1 may be preached as a sermon or taught as a small group lesson and explains important issues such as:

  1. The reason why God does not use goodness as a standard for salvation: it is unjust even according to man’s sense of morality.
  2. What the penalty for sin is and why the cross was necessary.
  3. What the purpose of life is and why this purpose requires faith in Christ for salvation.

Once Christians gain a better understanding of why Jesus is necessary for salvation, they are better able to see the need for and desire to share Christ with others.

Lesson 2 deals with the difficulties of sharing Jesus and how to overcome them.

Lesson 3 builds upon Lesson 1. It explains how to share Jesus in a way that is simple, biblical, and effective in today’s culture by not just proclaiming but explaining the Gospel using apologetics. The Why Jesus Sharing Card, which prints on the front and back of standard business cards, helps Christians to explain the Gospel with minimal memorization.

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Christian and Living Together

Recently I was talking with a guy who claimed to be a Christian and lived with his girlfriend.  He said they were not sexually active because he was disabled.  I asked, “So if you were not disabled, you would be sexually active?”  He said “yes.”

At another time I was talking with a guy who claimed to be a Christian who was living with his fiancee.  He was also having an affair with a woman at work.  He wanted to stop the affair but the woman kept on pursuing him.  So I asked, “If you could stop the affair, do you feel your relationship with God would be ok?”  He said “yes.”

Jesus said that unless we repent we will perish (Luke 13:3).  This repentance must be genuine, for not everyone who claims to be a follower of Christ is saved (Matthew 7:21).  Living together is often called ‘living in sin.”  I call it ‘first degree sinning’ because it is premeditated, planned sinning.

Recently, a politician who claimed to be a Christian was caught cheating on his wife.  He begging for forgiveness and she did so.  But after some time, he asked his wife if he could resume the affair.  She said, “It’s one thing to forgive adultery but another to condone it.”  She ended up soon divorcing him.

Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love God (Matthew 22:37).  Just as the politicians wife realized her husband did not love her, doesn’t God see right through those who claim to love Him but live in sin?  Those living this way risk an eternal divorce from God.  Jesus said we love God by obeying his commandments (1 John 5:3).  Love God – repent and trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9).