Don’t just Prescribe the Gospel, Explain it


Whether it be ethics or the Gospel, quoting Bible verses is rarely enough.  Would you be persuaded on matters of ethics or salvation by a Muslim or Hindu quoting references from their holy books?

Yes, the Word of God never returns completely void but may return almost void at times if Christians do not explain the reason and purpose of what the Bible states.

Can you explain the Gospel?  If not or to learn how to effectively do so using apologetics, please checkout Why Jesus in the sidebar.

What is Sufficient Evidence to Prove Christianity?


J. Warner Wallace, pastor and homicide detective, talking about former atheist Ayn Rand, proof, and evidence on the Please Convince Me Podcast.

Key Point: Sufficient Evidence – when the evidence is sufficient, a point is proven to an individual.  But depending on ones reason, emotions, or will, it may be that no amount of evidence will be able to prove Christianity to a person.

Explaining Christianity with Simplicity