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Why Jesus

Why Jesus helps to disciple Christians to understand, not only that the Bible says Jesus is necessary for salvation, but why Jesus is necessary and how to share Christ with others using apologetics.

Lesson 1 may be preached as a sermon or taught as a small group lesson and explains important issues such as:

  1. The reason why God does not use goodness as a standard for salvation: it is unjust even according to man’s sense of morality.
  2. What the penalty for sin is and why the cross was necessary.
  3. What the purpose of life is and why this purpose requires faith in Christ for salvation.

Once Christians gain a better understanding of why Jesus is necessary for salvation, they are better able to see the need for and desire to share Christ with others.

Lesson 2 deals with the difficulties of sharing Jesus and how to overcome them.

Lesson 3 builds upon Lesson 1. It explains how to share Jesus in a way that is simple, biblical, and effective in today’s culture by not just proclaiming but explaining the Gospel using apologetics. The Why Jesus Sharing Card, which prints on the front and back of standard business cards, helps Christians to explain the Gospel with minimal memorization.

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